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Kitchen shown in 650 Maple Honey

When you live in the home you grew up in, remodeling takes on a whole new dimension. Every space is filled with generations of memories that need to be preserved. But, inevitably, every space is also filled with a few old touches that just need to go. When you’re a kid, you don’t notice the faux wood plastic laminate on the countertops or the indoor­‑outdoor carpet in the kitchen. When you’re all grown up and actually using the kitchen, those finishes, lit by fluorescent lights, can make you feel like you’re trapped in a time warp.

“Mom would have loved it.”

That’s the situation homeowners Jeff Davis and Bonnie Kudlicki were facing. They had one opportunity to turn her parent's home into their own home. The 1958 ranch house in Richardson, Texas had been home to plenty of family get­‑togethers over the years. But, it was hardly built for entertaining. Back in the 70s, it was okay for the den and the kitchen to be completely separated. If you were in the kitchen when Mom was cooking, you were probably underfoot and in the way. Not so today. The kitchen is a gathering place.

“Our goal was to honor the home’s roots, but update it with a modern flair,” Kudlicki says. “It was a home my mother treasured. To honor that, we wanted to polish the trophy.”

After weighing all their options, Jeff and Bonnie chose to enlist Waypoint Living Spaces® for the remodeling project. Bonnie also enlisted her sister, who had an interior design background. The Waypoint® design process was perfect for this family collaboration. The designers at Waypoint® didn’t look at a remodel as just a space in need of cabinets. They saw it as the revival of a beloved family home.

They opened up the space by knocking out the wall that had separated the men in the den from the women in the kitchen for all those years. Between the rooms, they created an “art wall” with open shelving and translucent inserts over the counter and cooktop. They filled the shelving with vintage glass pieces and artwork that belonged to Kudlicki’s mother. In the den, they added a Waypoint® entertainment center that made the spaces flow together cohesively. Jeff and Bonnie went with many eco­‑friendly options that matched their sense of environmental responsibility, a factor that just didn’t exist in the 70s. They designed the new kitchen with pull­‑out recycling drawers, chose recycled stone countertops, and replaced all of the kitchen lighting with LEDs. In an ironic twist, they found the old blueprints to the home stashed in a wall and realized that the original home had called for cork flooring in the kitchen, a choice that was naturally eco­‑friendly. When it was all said and done, Bonnie’s sister gave the space her ultimate compliment, “Mom would have loved it.”

About the designer

Connie Edwards, CKD, CBD has spent more than thirty years in the kitchen and bath Industry. She is one of Waypoint’s very own designers on staff.

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