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As lead Kitchen and Bath Designer for Waypoint Living Spaces®, my goal is to become a partner and support you in the creation of beautiful living spaces. As a busy mother of two, I have a true understanding and appreciation for a well-designed, functional space. That's why I'm here - to deliver expert support and content that makes your job easier. Together, let's achieve exactly what you have in mind!
Jennifer LeMarr, CKBD
Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer


What type peninsula cabinet was used in your “Looking Outside the Box”,  photo of the built china cabinet between the kitchen and living room? They look to be deeper than 12”, but that is the only depth of peninsula cabinet I can find in your specification booklet.

If you used the wall peninsula cabinets, did you just add a toe kick to the bottom cabinets?

Do you offer a base peninsula cabinet that is deeper than 12”?

By Alan S on 2017 02 01