Swoon-worthy home office

5 tips for planning a productive home office

In the past year, every room in the house has seen more use but, the home office seems to be working overtime! It’s time to optimize an inspirational, productive workspace—at home—with Waypoint. Here are five essential tips for a swoon-worthy home office space that will have you working smarter than ever, in no time!

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1 Select a dedicated workspace wisely.

Whether behind closed doors or in a kitchen nook, select a quiet, private place to work. The ideal office space should work well for your unique needs.

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2 Invest in a good chair.

Having an ergonomically correct chair is imperative. Select a chair that provides good back, thigh and arm support. When sitting in the ideal position, your back and neck are straight, and your arms are parallel to the floor.

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3 Stay well connected.

When selecting an ideal workplace, make sure there are plenty of power outlets and a strong wireless and internet signal.

4 Contain the clutter.

Cabinetry with a good mix of open and closed shelving will keep office supplies well organized and clutter at bay.

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5 Make it personal.

Design an inspiring space that reflects your personality. A warm, welcoming environment will increase happiness, creativity and productivity!

A Waypoint designer will help you create an efficient, stylish home office to meet your specific needs. With Waypoint Living Spaces, you get exactly what you had in mind!

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