The modern bedroom office

More than a bedroom office, it's a studio

Bedroom/office! The terms sound mutually exclusive. After all, a bedroom is made for rest, while an office should be just the opposite. Creating a room that serves these two distinct purposes is possible, but it does require forethought.

Placing the desk as far from the bed as possible is a good place to start.

One room, two zones

Your home office needs to be both restful and energizing. This can be accomplished with colors, textures and lighting. Softer light with darker colors close to the sleeping area and brighter lighting with lighter colors near the office area will work wonders.

Storage solutions for a decluttered life

The last thing you want to do upon waking is face all the tasks you have yet to accomplish, so start with storage. You’ll need plenty of it for files, mail, printer supplies and all the other paraphernalia that comes with a home office.

Internal organization products designed for kitchens and baths can serve just as well in the bedroom office. Consider cutlery dividers and tilt-out trays for small items, including pens and pencils as well as charging devices for smartphones. Pullout wastebaskets are perfect accompaniments to bedroom/office cabinetry, and you can even use a deep roll-out tray to conceal the printer.

Lastly, remember the golden rule of any organized office: try to handle all documents just once. That means file it, act on it or toss it.

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