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With your busy life, you really don’t have time to go searching through your pantry for that box of cereal or a particular spice. Just a few organizational solutions will make your pantry efficient and functional.

D12 Duraform Linen

A pantry is a perfect place for a minimalist style. Open shelving makes items easy to find, and slab doors will help provide a clean and tidy look while concealing any clutter. Floor to ceiling cabinetry ensures that there will be plenty of space for all your goods. Keep your daily items easy to reach on the lower shelves and reserve your top cabinets for hiding the contraband candy and cookies.

No matter the style of your kitchen, your pantry should be an easy extension. Waypoint® has products to ensure a seamless, streamlined look for your living space that is functional and stylish. A clean, open pantry space with clearly organized and labeled items will keep you efficient and in control, even on your most hectic days.

Tips & Tricks

  • Using a variety of storage containers will keep your pantry looking fun and stylish.
  • Recycle the bags from the grocery store and use airtight containers for flour, pasta, sugar, and other cooking and baking essentials.
  • Wire or wicker baskets are great for snacks like granola bars or canned goods and bottles. They will keep everything organized and looking great too.
  • Decorative storage bins and containers add style and organization.

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