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With a Waypoint® designer, you’ll get exactly what you had in mind

You’ve got a sense of style that is unique to you. You may even have a vision of your new kitchen or bath and the feeling you want to create. But even if you are a can-do person who can make anything happen, remodeling a living space yourself without experienced professional support can be disastrous financially; and worse, it can cause undue stress on you and your family. The following is a list of things to keep in mind as you embark on your remodel journey.

Get the remodel you want without all the drama

Unfortunately, in many cases, when it comes to remodeling, “do it yourself” often means do it over. Remember when you tried to color your own hair with that $5 box of name brand dye and then ended up spending $250 for color correction? Ouch! And you got off easy compared to a remodel debacle. Mistakes on a remodel can escalate into the thousands quickly. Like that outlet behind the dishwasher that was not anticipated and means pulling out the cabinets and getting the electrician back. Or that wall you were going to move until the county inspectors advised you that the wall was load-bearing—after you ordered your cabinets that now won’t fit.

You’d do well to call on a Waypoint® designer, who is armed with the resources, products and knowledge you need to help you anticipate all the important details. And you’d be surprised to find out that hiring a designer is quite affordable, especially when you consider that one mid-project mistake can escalate costs beyond your budget.

Get a style that’s all you with waypoint®

Sit down with a Waypoint® designer and talk about all the beautiful things in life that move you: your favorite colors, favorite movie, pins from Pinterest and Houzz that inspire and excite your sense of style. Speak to that fabulous rug, artifact or painting you just had to have but somehow doesn’t work with anything else in your home—yet.

Share about your family and a typical year of activities and needs. Your Waypoint® designer will translate all these musings into a space that is a perfect fit for you and your way of life. The right door styles, finishes, decorative accessories, textures and details will be selected with all in mind to create a fabulous new kitchen, bath or living space that’s all you. Your designer will be your guide through every step of the process, from design, demolition and installation to celebration, making your remodel experience easier than you thought possible.

Quality cabinetry is always in style

Every Waypoint® cabinet is built to withstand day-to-day life in your home and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Every door style and finish in Waypoint’s collection is created with pride and built right here in America.

When you buy Waypoint®, you’re buying from a manufacturer with many facilities across the U.S. and over 40 years of experience building quality cabinetry that today is functioning beautifully in thousands of homes. When homeowners choose Waypoint®, they not only get the look and style they want, they also get a great feeling knowing that they are supporting thousands of employees and families right here in America.

Waypoint Living Spaces® is proud of its KCMA certification, its participation in the Environmental Stewardship Program and taking measures to protect this beautiful world we all share.

It’s never been easier to celebrate life with style

So forgo the drama usually associated with the remodeling process and hire a professional Waypoint® designer and cabinetry manufacturer to smooth the way. Of course, you’ll experience the disruption of your daily life for a short while as the contractors help make your dream space come true, but you’ll end up with that fabulous kitchen, bath or other living space you’ve always wanted.

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