We can help you transform any space into a look that’s uniquely you. Our Waypoint® Dealer Designers will work with you to choose your door style, finish, and decorative accessories, and help make the remodeling process easier than ever.

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Waypoint Living Spaces® is a line of quality cabinetry created to achieve looks that are uniquely you. With a range of beautiful door styles, finishes and decorative accessories, a Waypoint® Dealer Designer can create a kitchen, bath or any living space in your home, without all the drama.

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  1. Set a budget
    Have you ever gone to the market and ended up at the checkout and come up short? Frustrating, right? Doing a remodel requires even more planning. The numbers are bigger and setting a budget from the outset makes all the difference. Your Waypoint® designer can help you get the style you desire, the most value for your dollar and avoid the drama of coming up short.
  2. Find design inspiration
    Translating your dreams into reality can be tough. But with a little bit of homework and a collection of things that inspire you, your Waypoint® Dealer Designer can achieve a style that’s all you. Bring them your remodel magazine clippings, snapshots of favorite homes, descriptions of colors, textures and fabrics that you love. This is how the perfect remodel starts.
  3. Hire a pro
    If you want a great remodel without all the drama you must work with a professional like a Waypoint® Dealer Designer. They’re experts at the most efficient approach to creating your new kitchen, bath or other living space. Inexperience in the management of design, demolition and install can quickly turn a little mistake into a seriously blown budget. Hire a pro and get the style you want — the first time and on budget.
  4. Choose your appliances first
    Don’t end up with beautiful cabinetry that won’t accommodate your preferred appliances. It makes sense to choose those appliances first and design your cabinetry accordingly. Yes, there are standard sizes, but a Waypoint® Dealer Designer knows that homeowners’ needs are anything but standard. Avoid the aggravation, delays and expense that come with appliances that will not fit the space.
  5. Allow time for excellence
    Many designers, installers and contractors are notoriously optimistic about completion dates. Know that your remodel will probably take longer than anyone says it will. Do yourself a huge favor and do not schedule completion up against a holiday or wedding reception. This often ends in tears. Be realistic. Be patient. Allow enough time for remodel excellence. It’ll be fabulous forever.