First things first. Materials.

Designing your new project starts on the surface. Literally. Browse traditional wood, painted, and Duraform options to find the right canvas to begin building your dream space.


Warm colors, lasting quality.

Rich and inviting, Cherry is a close-grained, multicolored hardwood with beautiful, organic patterns that make each cabinet door unique. Fine grain variations, along with nicks and bumps that may appear as it ages, will give your cabinets a lived-in look. The Cherry color will also darken over time, making it a good choice to weather any wear and tear in the years to come. 

8 styles available

3 finishes available


Fine lines, durable form. 

Maple is, in a word, lasting. Maple is a dense and strong wood that will maintain its form for years to come. As with every wood, you’ll find variations in each Maple door, giving your cabinets a one-of-a-kind look. Its fine, even grain and texturing will also serve its color, as well, which will only mildly mellow over time. 

12 styles available

6 finishes available


Well, color me stylish. 

If you’re looking to be a little freer with colors in your space, the Painted finishes and styles are the perfect flexible option. Each door may show unique joint lines caused by the natural expansion and contraction of wood. But, the smooth, long-lasting finish on our Painted cabinets will still back up your vision with the durability of its hardwood and engineered wood materials.

12 styles available

12 finishes available


Ready for what life throws its way.

You design a beautiful space and then…you use it. Duraform is made by bonding foils to composite wood — which is just another way of saying it’s highly resistant to warping and fading, has a consistent finish, color, and texture throughout the surface, and is very easy to clean. 

4 styles available

4 finishes available

Duraform Texture

Looks stylish, built to last.

Like our Duraform options, Duraform Texture is made by bonding foils to composite wood to create a highly warp-and-fade-resistant material with a consistent finish, color, and texture. But, Duraform Texture feels like the texture you’d expect when you see it.

2 styles available

2 finishes available

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