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You imagine, you measure, you choose, you plan, and then, it’s go time. Renovating is exciting! That said, being in your home while it’s happening can be a bit like being in your bed while it’s being made. Here are a few helpful (and hilarious) tips to help you get through it:

Project Estimator

How much are we talking?

Before you get started, get a sense of what costs are associated with each choice you’re considering.


A lot of factors affect the timing of your project. Get a sense of what to expect when you’re expecting cabinets.



Keep track of where you are in the renovation process. What needs to be decided? What can you cross off right now?


Things to Keep in Mind

Renovating on a Budget

Here are a few hints to help you cut costs and make smart decisions for your project.

Communicating with Contractors

Everybody’s favorite! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be explicit about what you want. 

Patience is a Virtue

It’s hard to keep an open mind about how long things take, but a checklist helps you stay prepared.

Noise and Neighbors

To best balance the necessary noises and nice (or nosey) neighbors, give them a head’s up.

But First, Appliances

For some, this is the fun part. But here’s why it’s important to pick your appliances first.

Only Pros Need Apply

Here’s why you should hire pros for the job to make the whole project go much smoother.

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Project Timeline - Cabinet Remodel - Waypoint Living Spaces




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