How to prepare for a remodel

  • Creating Nature Serenity at Home Nature provides endless inspiration. By bringing the outdoors in, you create a space that evokes serenity. Check out the important elements to consider. Spruce up the space Read More
  • Selecting Wood Floors How do I select a wood floor to go with my kitchen cabinets? Just like clothing, contrast is important. Check out 5 essential tips for selecting wood floors. Transformation trend Read More
  • Get Organized in Style The kitchen is the heart of your home, a place to bring family & friends together to create & share meals. Learn how to organize your kitchen properly here. Spruce up the space Read More
  • Library Cabinet Ideas Turn your living space into more than just a reading nook. It’s easy to get lost in a book & the environment, so make sure your as comfortable as possible. Design your dream Read More
  • How to Remodel Cabinets For most of us, remodeling a room is not something we do regularly. Master the art of remodeling with our introduction to Cabinetry Basics. Read More
  • Kitchen Island Heights & Seating Let’s face it, everyone gathers in the kitchen, so shouldn’t everyone be sitting pretty? Check out essential tips for kitchen seating here. Spruce up the space Read More
  • Create a Sanctuary Spa (5 Tips) When the outside world seems to be turned upside down, spend more time in the bathroom! View 5 tips on how to create your own sanctuary spa here. Color curious Read More
  • Inviting Maple Truffle Cabinets The only thing more gratifying than the great outdoors is coming home to the great indoors. Find out our 5 favorite things about this space. Design your dream Read More
  • Tips To Reuse Kitchen Cabinets Building quality cabinets & staying green. Waypoint Living Spaces is committed to protecting the environment. See how we reuse & properly recycle here. Design your dream Read More
  • How to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel Between the excitement of starting a project & the exultation of completing one lies challenges & dust—lots of dust. Read more about remodeling here. Transformation trend Read More
  • Cabinet Checklist - Kitchen Remodel Ready, Set, Remodel! View our cabinet checklist to help you better prepare for when you are getting your new kitchen cabinets. Read more here. Design your dream Read More
  • 6 Home Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid The decision to remodel your kitchen is exciting. Before you waste valuable time and money, here are six costly remodel mistakes to avoid! Read more. Design your dream Read More

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