These rooms are winning all the popularity contests.

From colored cabinets to modern rustic spaces, these are some of the styles that are popular right now.

White Cabinets

Create a clear, bright palette with plenty of room for pops of color. Whether those pops are a bowl of fresh fruit, an antique soap dish, or a midcentury appliance are up to you.

Gray Cabinets

A neutral color has never looked so warm or so sophisticated. This is the cool kids’ beige and unlike beige itself, there’s room to accessorize in a broader palette.

Black Cabinets

Think of black cabinets as a bold and modern accent to the rest of your house. Dress them up with the hardware, or keep them cool and understated.

Green Cabinets

This color is both a beloved classic and very hot right now. Sprinkle some sage into your home, and dress your room in the color of the natural world.

Two-tone Kitchens

A fun and easy way to break up your space and make your project feel custom. Look through our gallery of kitchens that feature two-tone themes.

Handcrafted Comfort Style

Where time stands still and luxury is in the details. Browse inspiration to see how you can unwind in luxurious style.

Creatively Curated Style

Layered and eclectic for adventures who write their own rules. Create a home that’s colorful and uniquely curated.

Modern Rustic Style

Contemporary charm that beckons everyone to gather around. See how to design a down-to-earth space to connect with loved ones.

Simple Sophistication Style

Come home to elegance that feels effortless. Look through our gallery to see how you can bring in clean lines and natural finishes to your space.

Carefree Oasis Style

A crisp and calming retreat where the living is easy. See how you can create a coastal retreat with distressed details.

Modern & Minimal Style

A clean and simple look that brings intention to every moment. Create a space that’s sleek and modern with classic details.

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