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  • Welcome Guests With Timeless Beauty Timeless Beauty style is not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. It is characterized by the most elegant mix of old & new. Read more. Transformation trend Read More
  • Pantry Organization Ideas Keep daily items easy to reach on the lower shelves and reserve your top cabinets for hiding the candy & cookies. Pantry organization is key. Read more. Spruce up the space Read More
  • Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas With your busy life, you don’t have time to go searching through your pantry. A few organizational solutions will make your pantry efficient & functional. Spruce up the space Read More
  • Timeless Bathroom Design Ideas While trends come and go, a black and white theme in your bathroom is timeless. Why not take it to another level? Read more to see how we do it. Color curious Read More
  • Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas Modern farmhouse is a popular style and is the perfect blend of modern amenities with all the laid-back charm of a farmhouse. Read more here. Design your dream Read More
  • Kitchen Chandelier Ideas Placing lights over a kitchen table or island can be difficult. Whether it's hanging a chandelier or barrel lights, here are a few things to keep in mind. Spruce up the space Read More
  • Painted Ember Glaze Cabinet Ideas When it came time to create my dream space, I went right to Paris. See how you can remodel your home with Waypoint cabinets. Read more here. Spruce up the space Read More
  • Cabinet with Hutch Ideas Whatever your ideal space looks like, a Waypoint designer can create the hutch to fit. Check out three different hutch styles that may be a good fit for you. Creative cabinetry Read More
  • Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas From detergents and fabric softeners to your favorite pair of rain boots, your laundry room is host to a multitude of daily necessities. Read more here. Spruce up the space Read More
  • Nature Inspired Design With all the fast-paced technology in the world today, we crave a connection to the simplicity of nature in our living spaces. Check out what we recommend. Spruce up the space Read More
  • Modern Bedroom Office Ideas Creating a room that serves these two distinct purposes is possible, but it does require forethought. Check out some of our tips for bedroom offices. Design your dream Read More
  • Monochromatic Space Are Trending Soothing shades of cream, white or gray never grow old. Here are some monochromatic spaces to inspire ideas for your next remodel. Read More

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