Master the art of remodeling with this introduction to cabinetry basics

Waypoint living spaces cabinetry 101


If you’re browsing through the Waypoint® website, perhaps that means there is a new living space in your future. For most of us, remodeling a room is not something we do on a regular basis. That lack of experience can be daunting, and one of the best things you can do, along with talking to a Waypoint Living Spaces® designer, is to learn some cabinetry basics.

Standard overlay or full overlay?

For starters, there are two categories of cabinet doors, standard and full overlay. A full overlay door just means that the door or drawer front covers most of the cabinet frame. This seamless appearance produces a more modern look. A standard overlay allows 11/16” exposure of the cabinet frame, creating a more traditional look.

Full Overlay door shown in 606 Maple Auburn Glaze.
Standard Overlay door in 606 Maple Auburn Glaze.

Your ideal look is in the details

Have you tried to describe the kind of cabinet door that you’ve seen over at the neighbor’s house? You really like this particular style and think it would be perfect in your kitchen or bath, but you just cannot find an effective way to explain what it looks like. Here are a few door style names that will help you communicate with your Waypoint Living Spaces® Dealer/Designer.

Raised panel door

When the cabinet door has a center panel that is higher than the surrounding wood, it is a raised panel door. A raised panel door may also have arches or square edges.

Recessed panel door

A cabinet door with a center panel that is slightly depressed is referred to as a recessed panel door. A beveled trim in the recessed panel adds a touch of elegance.

Mitered door

Raised and recessed panel door joints are mitered, which conceals the joinery, producing a seamless and elegant picture frame design.

Slab door

A cabinet door that is neither raised nor recessed and with no decorative elements is a slab.

Shaker door

Our Shaker-style cabinets are distinguished by a five-piece door with a recessed center panel. These door styles include 650, 420 and 410.

Why Waypoint® cabinetry makes sense

Waypoint® cabinets are made of quality materials and backed with a limited lifetime warranty. With a range of door styles, color choices, finishes and decorative accessories, Waypoint® meets a homeowner’s needs at a cost usually reserved for entry-level cabinetry. Waypoint® cabinetry is sold exclusively through independent dealers/designers—talented professionals who will help find the style that is uniquely you and who can make sure your new living space is exactly what you have in mind.

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