For a hardworking kitchen

7 must-have design details for kitchen

The modern kitchen has become the focal point of the home. Bringing family and friends together for more than just meals, today’s kitchen needs to be as good-looking as it is functional. Here are seven must-have kitchen design features to inspire your own beautifully hardworking kitchen.

460 Maple Slate & Painted Ember Glaze

1 Contrasting Cabinets (460 Maple Slate & Painted Ember Glaze)

Why settle for one cabinet finish when you can have two? Great for an open concept kitchen, contrasting cabinets (460 Maple Slate & Painted Ember Glaze) provide interesting depth and define the perimeter of the space.


2 Ample Storage Solutions

Plenty of storage means a place for everything. Closed cabinets hide less attractive items while open shelving provides easy access to frequently used items. A good mix of both options also helps to visually break up a solid wall of cabinets.

460 Maple Slate & Painted Ember Glaze

3 Waterfall Island

Dramatic, stylish and useful, a waterfall island is the hat trick of kitchen design. It’s the ideal go-to hang out spot plus it has plenty of counter space for you to create a culinary masterpiece.


4 Layered Lighting

Mix it up! Not only do pendants, recessed and natural lighting create an abundance of light for everyday tasks, but they also offer an illuminating design impact.

460 Maple Slate

5 Custom Command Center

From paying bills to working from home, a built-in desk with form and function makes multitasking, without ever leaving the kitchen, a breeze.

460 Maple Slate

6 Herringbone Backsplash

A practical solution for the inevitable spills, a herringbone backsplash is easy to clean and adds a hint of contemporary personality.


7 Pot-Filler

A small but mighty detail, a pot filler is a luxury not to be discounted! Bye-bye back pain and spills. With an articulated arm that enables the tap to swing out to the burners, you can easily fill a large stockpot at its final destination on the burner.

460 Maple Slate & Painted Ember Glaze

It takes careful planning to design a kitchen you’ll love for years to come. A Waypoint designer can help you design a kitchen that’s exactly what you had in mind!

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