All Decorative Accessories

So you found the perfect cabinet, the right colors, the amazing finish? Now lets spruce up those favorite rooms with some creative accessories.

Range Hoods

Classic Tapered

Raised Panel

Straight Valance


Modern Box


Decorative Mantel, One Panel

Shiplap Box

Decorative Mantel, Three Panel

Decorative Mantel, Two Panel

Raised Panel 2

Straight Valance 2


Cove Corbel

Prairie Corbel

Rosette Corbel

Valencia Corbel

Metal Cove Black

Metal Cove Polished Nickle

Metal Cove Satin Nickle

Metal Cove Verona Bronze

Metal Emerson Black

Metal Emerson Polished Nickle

Metal Emerson Satin Nickle

Metal Emerson Verona Bronze


Accent Turned Foot

Base Turned Leg

Chantilly Decorative Foot

Chantilly Decorative Leg

Chantilly Furniture Leg

Parker Decorative Foot

Parker Decorative Leg

Parker Furniture Leg


Molding Buildups

Transitional Molding Stack

Modern Molding Stack

3 Sided Molding

Angled Outside Corner Molding

Batten Molding

Cabinet Angle Molding

Chair Rail Molding

Classic Baseboard Molding

Classic Trim Molding

Contemporary Trim Molding

Crown Molding

Decorative Inside Corner Molding

Decorative Trim Molding

Inset Shaker Molding

Inset Molding

Inside Corner Molding

Large Cove Molding

Large Crown Molding

Library Molding

Mirror Shaker Molding

Mirror Molding

Ogee Pilaster Molding 

Ogee Molding

Outside Corner Molding

Quarter Round Molding

Scribe Molding

Shaker Molding

Single Bead Molding

Small Cove Molding

Small Single Bead Molding

Small Traditional Molding

Soffit Molding

Square Chair Rail Molding

Square Molding

Starter Molding

Straight Trim Molding

Traditional Classic Molding

Wide Batten Molding

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