410 Painted Harbor


This refined, cool grey, created in a lighter painted finish, serves as the perfect backdrop for many different looks and styles. Its neutral tone lets designers work with accents of color or create a refined monochromatic feel.

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Painted Harbor Color Story


Ever since I read Beauty and the Beast by Madame de Villeneuve in grade school, I’ve been in love with all things French. But, more importantly, I’ve been obsessed with turning things that people find ugly or boring into a pièce de résistance! Something highly unusual—a showpiece. My latest project was remodeling the living room in our new home. Yes, I even gave this project a name—“the Beast”—after the hideous fireplace that dominated the room. I surrounded it with beautiful Painted Harbor cabinets of neutral grey with pewter and gold accents and stunning glass windows. I gave the beast a new mantel that matched my beautifully detailed cabinet crown molding, which gave the room a refined, timeless look. Transforming this space into something bold and new helped me to decide on my next project—my wonderful husband. This is going to take some work.