530 Cherry Java


This is an intensely dark finish with a full-bodied depth of character. Its sumptuous expressiveness, with underlying hints of garnet, makes it an appropriate choice to add drama and panache.

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Cherry Java Color Story

Rolling Life

I roll the film in these city parks most Friday evenings in the summer. A beautiful park, a beautiful film, a beautiful girl and a blanket—the stuff of life. Some people bring their children to show them what it was like back in the day, before Iron Man was in the movies. It gives the young ones culture. Once I get the film rolling, I look out over the audience for the older folk—the ones who maybe saw the movie when it was new; who hear the clackity-clack of the projector and smile. They’re the ones closest to experiencing film the way I do it. I watch the celluloid arching over the reel, reflecting the little bit of light I have to work in before it has a chance to pass through the film. Deep and dark and romantic like the night. Like life itself. Replaying again and again in the shadows of lives on a Friday night in the summer in the park.