540 Cherry Java


This is an intensely dark finish with a full-bodied depth of character. Its sumptuous expressiveness, with underlying hints of garnet, makes it an appropriate choice to add drama and panache.

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Cherry Java Color Story

Living Color

One of most embarrassing moments of my life was senior prom. It wasn't the powder blue tuxedo I was wearing that was embarrassing-it was the fact that I had to drive a crappy green Chevy Vega wagon with peeling fake wood on the side to pick up my date. I swore that evening the next time I wore a tuxedo, I would arrive in style. When the time came to get married, I was prepared. No, that's not my cherry-java-colored car, but I did rent it for the whole weekend and I still had enough money for a down payment on a small house for us to start our life together. Today, you will find our home furnished with things we cherish, including a kitchen with intensely rich, dark cabinets that remind me of that car and of our wedding day. What you won't find is anything in avocado green that reminds me of my old Vega wagon.