540 Cherry Slate


This deep, dark finish with rich tones is a great choice for creating many unique styles. From a dramatic contemporary feeling to a sophisticated farmhouse look, this finish is the perfect choice for any living space.

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Cherry Slate Color Story


I was always a dog person until I met my future husband, Frank, who owned a cat named Grits. It was almost like the more I didn't want to like Grits the more she forced her way into my heart. I loved her deep, dark slate color that had just a note of red, and I knew she had won my heart when I didn't mind that those dark grey hairs would show up on all of my sweaters. When we were looking for new cabinets, I saw this cherry-slate finish that matched her beautiful graphite coat and I knew they would capture the spirit of our home-a home where Grits is the queen we are lucky enough to share it with her.