540 Maple Slate


This gorgeous slate finish over a natural maple door creates an attractive look while retaining the wood’s subtle grain and feeling. Its unique luscious grey glow is the perfect choice for the creation of a wide range of distinctive styles.

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Maple Slate Color Story

Mountain Magic

After our beloved dog of 12 years passed away, it took months before I was ready to think about adopting another. Seeing Rudy hunched at the back of his kennel at the shelter changed everything. From the minute we brought him home, he brought joy back into my life. To quell his relentless energy, we started hiking the nearby trails. I loved to catch sight of his deep brown coat with its rich grey sheen as he weaved among fallen tree branches and scrambled up the steely grey rocks. I followed, at first stopping often to catch my breath but eventually striding confidently behind him. Now, whenever I reach for a mug on a chilly day, my kitchen reminds me of his glossy coat as he leads the way. And as to who rescued who? That's a question I'm not even sure I know the answer to.