644 Maple Rye


This finish imparts a warm lighter tone to natural maple wood without diminishing the texture of its beautiful grain. Its golden hues lend harmony and balance to any room for a feeling that’s very inviting.

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Maple Rye Color Story


Every year we take a week long vacation to the beach. All of my brothers and sisters bring their families and mom and dad get to have the whole family together again. It's not a fancy resort that we go to, it's rather rustic and dated, but it's like family, it just feels right and there is no place we'd rather be. Of course the kids are all up at the crack of dawn and as the rye colored sun rises in the sky we pack the caravan and start our migration to the beach. The week flies by and we always look forward to next year when we will do it all again. As I prepare for my day before the kids wake up, I look at my bathroom and the rustic maple and rye cabinets and they remind of those weeks at the beach and get me set for another beautiful day!