644 Painted Harbor


This refined, cool grey, created in a lighter painted finish, serves as the perfect backdrop for many different looks and styles. Its neutral tone lets designers work with accents of color or create a refined monochromatic feel.

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Painted Harbor Color Story

A Thousand Shades of Grey

My mom is an architect. Maybe that's where I learned my appreciation for subtle colors. When I turned sixteen, my parents took me to Paris. On a shopping trip, I picked out a dress-a fluffy, pink confection fit for a fairy tale princess-and insisted we take a picture of me, in the dress, in front of the Eiffel Tower. They went along, ignoring the weather report. When the rain started falling, soaking me and my gown, I slumped to the steps and sat there, just staring. They thought I was crying, but I was actually mesmerized, enchanted by the kaleidoscope of grey in front of me-the pale limestone, the dark steel tower, the layered stormy sky. I guess I'm just my mother's daughter, after all.