660 Cherry Slate


This deep, dark finish with rich tones is a great choice for creating many unique styles. From a dramatic contemporary feeling to a sophisticated farmhouse look, this finish is the perfect choice for any living space.

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Cherry Slate Color Story

Quality Family Time

Most families go away for summer vacation, but not mine. My family traveled in the wintertime. We would go up to this huge cabin in the middle of the mountains where there was no internet-a fact we consistently whined about. It was my parents' idea of family bonding. We would ski, build snow forts, play board games and read books by the huge bay windows, with steaming hot cocoa and sugar cookies. We would cook big family dinners together, which I secretly loved. When it came time for me to pick my own kitchen, that's the feeling I tried to re-create. The large, open room with high wooden beams and cabinets in a deep, dark brown color that were a stark contrast with the pure white walls-making it cozy and sophisticated all at the same time. When my family gathers there for dinners now, and my children help me cook, I can still picture that cabin in the woods, all of us gathered around, enjoying our family time, even if we would never admit it to our parents.