660 Maple Truffle


The cocoa warmth of this elegant finish creates a living space that’s welcoming and sophisticated. Complement with monochromatic or high-contrast elements to acheive different looks.

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Maple Truffle Color Story

Maple Truffle

I can remember the time I really experienced absolute silence. I had kayaked out to the middle of the lake as the sun was just starting to come up, and I was bathed in the cocoa warmth of a new day. The water was so still, the air so clean and there wasn't a sound. Not a bird or a ripple-it was complete silence. I never felt so small and so large at the same time. As that dark brown sky dissolved into a golden orange, I remember wondering if I would ever experience this amazing peace and quiet again. Well three kids, a dog and a cat later, I can truthfully say the answer is no. But there are days when I wake up early and sit in my kitchen looking at those rich, truffle-colored cabinets as the sun is just starting to rise through the window and casts the faintest amber light across the room. That silence is close-not the same, but perfect in its own unique way.