720 Maple Cognac


Medium-rich brandy color with subtle notes of deep red. This finish drenches a room in sophistication, and can be classically styled or adopt a modern dress.

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Maple Cognac Color Story

Freedom Embraced

I’ve just turned 32-ish. There’s no question college was the best time of my life. I was suddenly totally independent. Sometimes the spirit would just overcome me, and I’d twirl around in a circle like Mary Tyler Moore did in the beginning of her TV show, and I’d let the leaves, in all their wonderful display of color, swirl around me. It was as if the leaves were remnants of my old life dropping away, making room for new growth, new experiences. Every September since college, those colorful leaves—with beautiful yellows, reds and golden browns—have become a celebration. For me, it’s like nature’s confetti!