750 Painted Hazelnut Glaze


A warm, sandy-blonde finish comprised of a dark hand-applied glaze that traps in seams and panel edges of Painted Silk finished doors, offering a patina that adds character to any space. No two doors are identical.

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Painted Hazelnut Glaze Color Story

Soothing Sunsets

To this day a pale golden sunset reminds me of my carefree days out on the lake and my old truck. It was a "beater". Beat up from pulling trailers, hauling hay and backing into loading docks. But for many in my senior class, that old, dented, cream-colored pickup was the coolest, and it transported us to some amazing times. Since those days, I've graduated to a nice new Silverado 4X4. It's got nav, bluetooth and shifts to four wheels on the fly. I'm still enjoying those golden sunsets and I miss that old truck, but I have to admit I don't miss having to carry jumper cables everywhere I go.