750 Painted Hazelnut Glaze


A warm, sandy-blonde finish comprised of a dark hand-applied glaze that traps in seams and panel edges of Painted Silk finished doors, offering a patina that adds character to any space. No two doors are identical.

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Painted Hazelnut Glaze Color Story


Every Sunday we would have a family gathering. All the cousins, aunts and uncles would descend on my grandparents’ house for brunch. When it was nice out, we would eat outside on the veranda under the giant tulip tree. It was a grand affair, with lots of laughter, that would last for several hours and was always capped off with the adults sitting around having coffee. I can still remember the smell and look of the sandy blonde hazelnut coffee that my mother would let me taste. That coffee has always symbolized family to me, and it comes back to me every morning as I sit in my creamy hazelnut-colored kitchen and I smell the coffee brewing.