750 Painted Pewter Glaze


This warm grey glaze applied over our Painted Linen door creates an intriguing depth and air of sophistication. The character of this glaze is quite versatile making it a great choice for the creation of many unique styles.

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Painted Pewter Glaze Color Story


I work out of my home, which means I really never leave work. Yoga is my escape from the world. No kids, no work, a peaceful place to just be, where the bright sun floods in from the skylights above, adding a hazy calm of whiteness to the atmosphere. It's me time, I close my eyes, relax and recharge. The stress of the world feels a million miles away, as I focus on nothing but my breathing. It was this feeling that I wanted to capture when remodeling my home office, a soft, linen-white space with a touch of grey to accent the clean lines. Now, I don't even have to leave the house to get away from it all.