D16 Duraform Stone


Understated elegance shines through in this warm, medium-gray finish. Pair it with colorful accents or monochromatic tones for a refined look.

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Duraform Stone Color Story


I fell in love with Tommy when I was 5 years old. He was 7, and (I thought) so grown-up. He was always nice to me, always included me and had an uncanny ability to make me laugh. We had our first kiss when I was 12. It was in the barn on his parents’ property, a place we would always go to play. That warm, medium-grey-colored barn always seemed to me to hold secrets and magic, and I was right. With that magical first kiss, I knew I was going to marry Tommy. Our home today reflects the things we grew up with—light, nature and the beautiful warm stone color of that barn. Every morning I walk into the kitchen and am reminded again how lucky I am to be married to the love my life, who after all these years still makes me laugh.