660 Cherry Amber & Painted Vanilla Kitchen with Mud Room

A Timeless Kitchen Design Featuring Warm Wood Tones

Waypoint Living Spaces is adding to their repertoire of natural wood grain warm wood tones, with the addition of the Cherry Amber finish! Warm wood cabinets can create a rustic, yet chic, hand crafted, and timeless kitchen design. If two-tone kitchen cabinets are your vibe, warm woods pair very nicely with neutral colors such as creams, whites, and greys; as well as work well in colorful spaces, brining warmth to painted mist or navy!

Some aspects we love about cherry, is that it is a multicolored hardwood with occasional pin knots and fine grain variations appearing as curls and waves. Cherry is a close-grained wood, and some gorgeous natural characteristics include small sap pockets, pin knots, and streaks, warm color variations from pale yellow sapwood to deep reddish-brown heartwood, and occasional shades of white, green, pink, or even grey. Cherry in amber glow has a unique aging process and every door can have its own unique essence as staining reveals subtle variations and colors that typically darken over time.

This newly renovated home features cherry amber and painted vanilla finishes in a functional mud room that flows into an open-concept kitchen and dining room. Cherry amber cabinets with a mix of traditional and specialty glass-front doors pair well with the sleek black appliances, custom range hood and mix-metal light fixtures. This classic, old-world style design feels luxurious, yet modern, as making what’s old, new again is a trend we love.  

The white cabinets with black hardware used for the kitchen island and custom espresso bar built-ins add contrast and brighten up the space. White cabinets with white countertops paired with cherry amber is elegant and brings a modern flare to Tuscan design elements that we love! Additionally, the bold tile pattern backsplash on the espresso bar adds personality and charm to this custom remodel.

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