Expert design tips to make your pets say bow-wow.

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If morning walks and muddy paws are part of your daily routine, dedicate a space to make life with pets a breeze. Regardless of your square footage, here are some Fido-friendly design tips to consider as you embark on your next remodel.

Spaces that serve triple duty.

Eat, sleep, bathe—all in one space. Keep pets and their essentials close to the heart of your home with a designated mudroom. This hardworking room offers space-saving solutions that ensure everything, even mud, has its place.

660 Cherry Slate & Painted Harbor
660 Painted Harbor & Base Wastebasket

Expert tips for a multifunctional space:

  • Use Deep Roll Out Drawers to maximize pet supply storage.
  • Integrate opening shelving and wicker baskets to keep pet toys accessible.
  • Hang sturdy hooks at varying heights so they are well prepared for everything from kids’ coats to dog leashes.
  • A pet feeding station provides the ideal place for meals. Strategically place a bench seat by the door. A bench seat begs people to take a seat and remove their muddy boots, leaving the dirt behind.
  • A Base Wastebasket is ideal for easy to reach pet food storage.
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets ensure there is plenty of space for all your pet products. Keep your most used items on the lower shelves and reserve the top cabinets for less frequently used items.
  • A Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider drawer keeps pet accessories organized.

This multifunctional space serves triple-duty as a mud, pet and laundry room.

Waypoint Living Spaces offers a multitude of organizational products to keep your new remodel looking its absolute uncluttered best so you can spend less time searching and more time enjoying your best friend. A Waypoint Dealer or Designer can help you create a hardworking space so your pets will say bow-wow!

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