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D16 Duraform Harbor

Highly resistant to warping and fading, Duraform can be the best of both worlds. Choose from the smooth consistent surface of Duraform or the look and feel of natural hardwood with Duraform Texture. Duraform is available in a range of colors. Duraform Linen or Harbor offers a lighter tone, while Duraform Stone and Espresso bring sumptuous depth. Duraform Texture finishes showcase a beautiful spectrum of colors as well, from Duraform Breeze, a natural white on Painted Linen; to Duraform Drift, the look of with its weathered, light-brown color subtly contrasted with Painted Harbor, a show-stopping finish over Maple Espresso. Enjoy a few fabulous Duraform designs and tips.

D16 Duraform Espresso

Design tip:

Duraform Espresso’s deep finish comes alive with the introduction of lush plants and naturally colorful accents. Choose a lighter countertop for elegant contrast and appoint with unique details to create a range of different styles.

DT24 Duraform Breeze

Design tip:

Design a crisp, clean look in the kitchen using DT24 Duraform Breeze with modern colors, textures, materials, and appliances. The final product is sleek, yet warm and positively elegant.

DT24 Duraform Drift & 650 Painted Harbor

Design tip:

Pair cabinets with similar hues, like DT24 Duraform Drift and 650 Painted Harbor, to create a monochromatic color scheme that’s relaxing with a homespun feel.

DT 22 Duraform Drift

Design tip:

The clean lines and texture of DT 22 Duraform Drift cabinets create a contemporary design when paired with dark counters and pulls. Add iron hairpin legs for a furniture-like look with a retro attitude.

As you begin the design process, enjoy the versatility Duraform cabinetry offers. Your Waypoint designer will help you select Duraform cabinetry that speaks to you.

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