Modern Rustic

Entertaining space secrets

You finally have the mountain house of your dreams but is it guest-ready? Before you embark on a remodel, discover our secrets to create a versatile entertaining space that has it all—style, practicality and function. Thanks to Waypoint® cabinetry, your mountain house will be ready to prep, cook, serve, dine and entertain—all in one place. Impress your guests with the ultimate entertaining space. 

Cherry Slate Mood Board

Create a Mood Board

Remodel ideas start with a mood board. To create visual flow, we used 760 Cherry Slate and 650 Painted Harbor cabinets throughout the space. The combination of modern features with nature-inspired rustic elements creates an inviting living space where life-long memories are made.

760 Cherry Slate & 650 Painted Harbor

Entertain with options

An open floor plan keeps spaces connected and allows guests to mix and mingle. Whether you are entertaining for two or twenty—flexible seating is essential to accommodate guests. Prepare for anything—incorporate plenty of chairs and counter stools. Use eye-catching light fixtures to distinguish different areas.

760 Cherry Slate Banquette

Multifunctional and cozy, a window banquette provides comfortable seating to chat, dine, read or play board games with family and friends.

Double Islands

Double islands allow for twice as much space to gather, eat, cook and more room for family and friends to pitch in. Bar stools offer a landing spot for guests to dine or mingle with the chef.

Help yourself

Create a designated bar space, away from the busy cooking area, to stock supplies guests need to serve themselves. As large or as small as you like, this area should be outfitted to serve everything from coffee to bourbon and anything in between. Stylish open shelving makes grabbing essential dishware a breeze.

Open Shelving

Storage solutions

Waypoint® organizational solutions keep your living spaces well stocked and looking their uncluttered best. Store china securely with a Peg Dish Organizer & Scalloped Roll-Out Tray. A Full Height Base Pantry Pull-Out Utensil Storage keeps utensils handy without taking up precious counter space.

Scalloped Roll-Out Tray Peg Dish Organizer & Scalloped Roll-Out Tray
Full Height Base Pantry Pull-Out Utensil Storage

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