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Kitchens and bathrooms are essential spaces within any home, and properly organizing these rooms is of utmost importance. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, bringing together family and friends to share meals, engage in conversations about the day, and plan for the future. Conversely, your bathrooms should function as a serene sanctuary, offering a place to unwind and cater to the needs of every family member.

Whether you envision your kitchen as a space for entertaining and family gatherings or a functional area for daily meals, and your bathroom as a spa-like retreat or a versatile room accessible to all, customizing these spaces to enhance your daily life is a top priority for your Waypoint designer.

The Host

Do you love to have people over? Whether in a formal dinner party setting, a family holiday meal, or a party for the kids, the host loves to gather and entertain. Nonetheless, a well-ordered home isn’t just stylish, it’s essential! The logistics of entertaining can be a breeze with just a few add-ons that will help you focus on the pleasure of hanging out with those you love. 

Easily set the table using our cutlery divider, which conveniently provides a designated spot for each type of silverware.

Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider

The scalloped deep roll-out tray has room for linens and much more! Tuck bigger dishes away yet have them accessible with the peg dish organizer.

Scalloped Deep Roll-Out Tray
Peg Dish Organizer

The Home Chef

Whether you’re testing a new recipe or whipping up a classic, having your tools close at hand and your spices beautifully organized will guarantee your meal preparation goes as planned. There is a place for every ingredient and tool, and every ingredient and tool in its place. Create a kitchen that maximizes efficiency and lets you craft new delicacies with ease.

Simplify cooking by keeping all your essentials at-hand. Base pull-out utensil bins are a tall stack of short-order sous chefery. 

Base Pull-Out Utensil Bins

Stow your spices in single rows for easy access within your cabinet. We have wall cabinet and base cabinet options available! 

Spice Rack Kit
Base Filler Pull Out

The Spa Lover

In the world of day-to-day hustle and bustle, a well-organized bathroom becomes an oasis of serenity—a tranquil haven amidst the storm.

Big items and bulky backups don’t have to sit out. Tuck them away on a deep roll out tray.

Deep Roll Out Tray

This convenient Tilt Out Tray is a stylish solution for organized and hassle-free storage. Utilize the wine storage unit for storing towels, toilet paper, and other items you wish to have both accessible and aesthetically presented.

Tilt Out Tray
Wine Storage Unit

The Modern Family

For the family on the go, coming together in the kitchen is time well spent. Prioritize order without making it a chore, is this where that goes? Design the perfect spot for every water glass, car key, and soccer cleat. Creating more time to spend making meals and memories with the ones who matter most! 

Finally, a place for all the things you always need, but never want to look at. The sink base cleaning caddy pull out is perfect for hiding cleaning supplies! Including the necessary bag stash! We promised everything will have a place in your new kitchen!

Sink Base Cleaning Caddy Pull Out
Plastic Bag Door Storage Unit

Keep healthy snacks and beverages in easy to access drawers that are deep enough to store bottles, boxes, and storage containers!

Two Drawer Base

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