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9 to 5

When you’re working from home, an office space that blends style and function will make the hours fly by. Enjoy working from home in an office that blends style and function.

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Office Makeover

Kristin Snodgrass transformed a cramped, cluttered space into a haven for her family to work and play. Watch this transformation from cramped and cluttered to open and organized.

Beautiful Dance

When you’re hosting a family affair, make the prep work easy with a kitchen that’s effortless to work in. Your kitchen should make hosting as effortless as a dance.

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Child's Play

A space for toys, books, building blocks and more, your playroom sets the stage for creativity. Let your kids’ imaginations soar in a space made for play.

Entertaining Experience

Providing an elegant storage solution and a centerpiece for your living space, your entertainment center is a perfect place to plan an upgrade. Create an entertainment experience with elegance and style.

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Build your own Bar!

Raise a glass to a revitalized social life when you build a bar to enjoy at home. Cheers! Revitalize your social life by bringing the bar home to you.

Home Office

Let's be honest about home office space.

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Social Spaces

Let's be honest about social spaces.

Wine Bar

Let's be honest about wine time.

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Stylish Shelving

Let's be honest about shelve storage space.

Remodeling Made Easy

Introducing America's
Premium Cabinet Manufacturer

We help make remodeling easier, every step of the way.

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How To Survive A Remodel

Dreaming of a hassle-free kitchen or bath remodel? Work with a Waypoint designer and get exactly what you have in mind.

Waypoint Kitchen Cooking

Create a most memorable gathering. Let these simple recipes be the basis for a noteworthy evening with style.