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Designing with Duraform cabinets

Designing with Duraform doesn’t mean you are limited to just one style. With a vast array of Duraform finishes and door cuts, you can create a wide variety of looks. Choose darker or lighter doors—textured or silky smooth—the decision is all yours. With Duraform, stylish durability is easy to achieve in any style. Which style you will select for your next remodel?


French Beauty with D16F Duraform Harbor

Think casual comfort taken to a new level of sophistication. A space inspired by the French countryside, it demands produce fresh from the market and a bouquet of lavender to fill the air. This is the perfect setting for a bottle of Cabernet, a great Camembert, and a laugh or two.

French Beauty with D16 Duraform Harbor

This smooth, light grey finish is reminiscent of cool, misty mornings. Its fresh neutral tone is a canvas against which a broad range of styles can be created. Its understated finish welcomes contrasting personal accents and pops of color.


Currently Cool with DT22 Duraform Drift

Wake up to a contemporary space with the natural feeling Waypoint’s Duraform Drift slab door can create. This contemporary look, with its clean lines, warm, textured slab doors, dark counters and dark pulls, is the essence of cool. Iron hairpin legs create a furniture-like look with a retro attitude, and plants breathe life into this welcoming space. What a beautiful way to start your days!

Currently Cool with DT22 Duraform Drift

With a remarkable likeness to faded driftwood, this textured door style looks naturally amazing. Placed on a Painted Harbor cabinet box, this textured door with its ridges and grooves captures the look of natural driftwood and can enhance any space in your home.


Free Spirit with DT22 Duraform Cascade

A balance of neutrals, textiles and prints that brings vibrancy to your space. Richly colored rugs and mementos from your travels around the world remind you to embrace each day as an opportunity to experience something new. Ferns and succulents brighten your countertops and bring vitality to a home that speaks to your soul.

Free Spirit with DT22 Duraform Cascade

This rich, deep-textured door style sits on a complementary Maple Espresso cabinet box and creates a dramatic look that will last for years to come. This textured door style with its rich contrast serves as the perfect backdrop for kitchens, baths or any other living space in your home.


Evolved Elegance with DT24 Duraform Breeze

A balanced combination of yesterday’s style and today’s latest innovations. This kitchen takes a crisp, clean interpretation of traditional design and combines it with modern colors, textures, materials and appliances. Sleek yet warm, understated yet making a distinct impression, it begs the question—why choose between two styles when you can live comfortably in both?

Evolved Elegance with DT24 Duraform Breeze

With subtle striations of white and neutral tones, this textured finish makes a beautiful statement. It sits on a complementary Painted Linen cabinet box and exudes a sense of style and grace that is well suited for creating a wide variety of stylish spaces.


Fresh Character with DT24 Duraform Drift + 650 Painted Harbor

Picture a painting of a charm­‑laden 18th-century farmhouse in a completely contemporary frame. Similar hues harmonized into a monochromatic color scheme create a relaxing, homespun atmosphere—while modern accents place it firmly in today. Consider it Norman Rockwell in high­‐def.

Fresh Character with DT24 Duraform Drift + 650 Painted Harbor

This winning combination incorporates similar hues harmonized into a monochromatic color scheme to create a relaxing, homespun atmosphere. Modern accents place it firmly in today.

Duraform delivers style at a great value. No matter which Waypoint style strikes your fancy, with Duraform, you get exactly what you had in mind!

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