Bring the outside in

Creating natural serenity

A life that’s uncomplicated is simply beautiful. Lose yourself in the long, lazy days of summer in Adirondacks. Inhale the clean mountain air mixed with pine. There is no planning involved in your day. The cool water splashing from the paddle of your boat reminds you that you are not dreaming—clear blue as far as you can see. Mountains are the only thing that separates the water from the sky. Your flannel shirt still holds the faintest smell from the last campfire. Heaven. Your home is your sanctuary—your escape from the rest of the hectic world. By bringing the outdoors in, you create a space that evokes serenity. Nature provides endless inspiration.

Naturally, use organic materials that reflect your own personal style and blur the lines between inside and out. Here are some important elements to consider.



Everyone is gathered—feel the warm glow wood brings to the kitchen. The variations in color, grain, and knots, make wood one of nature’s finest achievements. The medium russet finish of Cherry Amber clearly accentuates the wood’s contrasting grain pattern giving it down to earth charm. This is the finish to use for a truly American craftsman charm.

The richness of Cherry Amber is carried throughout the lower and upper cabinets and contrasts well with the painted vanilla island and lighter wood accents on the ceiling beams and floors. 



A reminder of more simple days—not a care in the world—furniture and design should be a beautiful blend of unadorned lines.



Smell the pine trees—lose yourself in the earthy color palette. The neutral walls paired with black and white playful tile backsplash is quiet perfection.

Natural light

Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the afternoon sun pouring through the window. You are safe, content, and secure. Now open your eyes to see the beauty of the outdoors.

Mix design elements

Consider the hand forged look of copper, brass or iron fixtures as a nod to the artisans of another time. Incorporate metal, glass, leather, and pottery to create interesting layers of texture. 
Imagine the possibilities—create your own sanctuary.

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