Essential tips for kitchen seating

Sitting pretty: kitchen seating

Let’s face it, everyone gathers in the kitchen so, shouldn’t everyone be sitting pretty? Gone are the days of a traditional kitchen—food preparation, entertaining and dining all happen in the same space. It’s time to encourage everyone to sit and stay a while. This makes matching your table and chair height, very important.

Standard seating heights

Kitchen chair heights: 17-19 inches (standard 18”)

Dining room chair heights: 17-19 inches (standard 18”)

Counter chair heights: 24-26 inches (standard 24”)

Bar chair heights: 28-32 inches (standard 30”)

Standard table heights

Dining table height: 28-30 inches (30” standard)

Kitchen table height: 28-30 inches (30” standard)

Counter height: 34-39 inches (36” standard)

Bar table height: 40-43 inches (42” standard)

Your own private island

So many island and so much to love about each! A kitchen island has become the epicenter of the kitchen. It often accommodates cooktops, second sinks and additional storage. While most islands have bar stool seating, there are many other options. Island heights vary depending on their purpose. A high-top with bar stool seating creates a more casual grab-a-quick-meal feel while a lower height mimics the kitchen-table experience. If you are designing with children in mind, lower seating is recommended.


Banquettes are a great solution to add storage space and additional seating, and using Waypoint’s products, you can easily create a banquette that fits the unique style of your living space. Banquettes blend seamlessly into the décor of your walls, cabinets and countertops, producing a cohesive feel throughout your kitchen.

A banquette also gives you more open space in your kitchen. It eliminates the need for a separate area specifically for a table, and by adding storage space underneath the seating, you eliminate the need for extra shelves and cabinets in your kitchen. Think about making it an extension of your kitchen island.

Banquettes are also great for entertaining. They allow for additional seating space so more people can comfortably sit and provide an area that can be used as a gathering place – because let’s face it, everyone always ends up hanging out in the kitchen!

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